February 2019

EDI-Net at a glance

The EDI-Net (Energy Data Innovation Network) initiative analyses and communicates sub-hourly electricity, gas and water smart meter data to identify waste and savings opportunities, reduce consumption and save money. The initiative is aimed at public authorities’ decision makers, financial planners, energy and building managers and building users. An online forum and workshops facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices to support public authorities during the implementation of their sustainable energy and climate action plans.

EDI-Net brochure available!

The brochure explains clearly in a nutshell what EDI-Net can offer interested municipalities. Read, for example, how the city of Nuremberg was able to avoid high water costs or how the Catalonian regional government saved over 22 megawatt hours of energy. You can view the brochure online or download it as a PDF file.

Last chance for free participation

Until the end of February 2019, interested municipalities have the opportunity to join EDI-Net free of charge. For the almost 50 municipalities from Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta that have participated so far, the service will remain free of charge until December 2019. Municipalities registering from March onwards will be required to pay a fee to participate. The amount of fees depends on the number of buildings. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our Helpdesk.

EDI-Net Final Event @ Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place 2019

EDI-Net will participate in the "Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place" on 20 February 2019 as part of the final event. Organised by EASME and the Covenant of Mayors, the Forum will provide an opportunity to discuss key success factors for financing climate adaptation, clean urban transport and energy efficiency at operational level. EDI-Net will explain in a separate session how the tool can be used for savings. You can find more information here.

What influence will smart meters have on future smart cities municipalities?

Recently, a significant cultural change has taken place as the majority of the world's population now lives in cities and generates more than two-thirds of global CO2 emissions. For countries like the UK to meet their ambitious CO2 reduction targets, it is critical how our cities are governed and managed to maximise energy efficiency. To achieve these goals, there is growing hope for smart cities.

In a conference paper, the DeMontfort University Leicester presents the results of interviews with selected building users about the individual, social and institutional changes triggered by the EDI-Net ICT services (information and communication technology) in the three participating municipalities during the operation of EDI-Net.

Can the EDI-Net tools Dashboard and Benchmarking Tool as well as the Online Forum help municipalities to find their way to become a Smart City?

The full paper will be published at the conference "ECEEE 2019 Summer Study on energy efficiency" to be held in Presqu'île de Giens, France, 3-8 June 2019.

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