The City of Leicester

Leicester is the tenth largest city in the UK and, as a unitary authority, is responsible for all local government functions within its area; it is also one of the first cities outside of London to have a directly elected Mayor. Leicester has a strong history of environmental good practice, being awarded the title of Britain’s first Environment City and European Sustainable City in 1996. It is a member of the Energy Cities network and until recently was a board member. The City was an early signatory to the European Covenant of Mayors and has an ambitious target of reducing 50 % of its CO2 emissions by 2025 based on 1990. Leicester City Council uses an intelligent metering system in over 300 buildings which continuously monitors energy and water usage and relays consumption data via a flexible, low powered communication module to a computer with the aim of identifying wastage, inefficiency and opportunities. 

  • New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester
    New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester
  • Braunstone Leisure Centre, Leicester
    Braunstone Leisure Centre, Leicester
  • Leicester Town Hall
    Leicester Town Hall