Pilot Sites

The approach of EDI-Net is to support knowledge transfer and capacity building by analysing existing data from buildings. Offering this as a service to public authorities and then engaging with key public authority officers in a dialogue about the results enables sharing their knowledge and facilitating the exchange of experience amongst them. This experience is based on best practice of public authorities using this information from buildings and from building users to deliver improvements in sustainable energy.

Therefore the EDI-Net initiative includes three pilot sites which - among other tasks - provide smart meter data so the data analytic system can be tested in advance. Furthermore public authorities, which are joining the EDI-Net initiative, are supported with knowledge e. g. in an online forum to more effectively engage with building users, decision-makers and finance professionals. The pilot sites involved in EDI-Net are the City of Leicester (UK), Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain) and the City of Nuremberg (Germany).