May 2018

EDI-Net at a glance

The EDI-Net (Energy Data Innovation Network) initiative analyses and communicates sub-hourly electricity, gas and water smart meter data to identify waste and savings opportunities, reduce consumption and save money. The initiative is aimed at public authorities’ decision makers, financial planners, energy and building managers and building users. An online forum and workshops facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices to support public authorities during the implementation of their sustainable energy and climate action plans.

EDI-Net promotes energy saving in British schools

Schools in Leicester, UK have been using the EDI-net approach as a way of understanding and monitoring their energy use in a quick and easy format. The smiley faces have been an outstanding way to engage the whole school community (even including the 3 year olds!). The schools have become very competitive to appear in the top 10 of the league tables which has meant lots of positive behaviour change taking place. They have even been able to set up competitions between infant and junior sites where their data is sub-metered. Many of these schools are working towards their Eco-Schools Green Flag Award and the EDI-net dashboard has been a really useful tool for the monitoring and evaluating step for their energy topic.  The tools have also been used in their communication step by putting their smiley faces and data on their newsletters, noticeboards and social media accounts.

Lee Jowett Environmental Education Coordinator, Leicester City Council

EDI-Net at EnergyCities annual conference in Rennes

From April 18-20th, 2018, the EnergyCities annual conference took place with numerous exciting lectures and workshops in Rennes, France. It became clear that although each municipality has its own challenges, certain questions arise again and again: How can we transform the energy system to benefit as many people as possible? What is needed to decentralise energy production securely, participatively and transparently? In panel discussions, workshops and at round tables, delegates discussed ways to improve the distribution of responsibility and benefits. EDI-Net was present with an information desk and spoke to local authorities about ways to manage urban buildings more energy-efficiently.

EDI-Net Benchmarking-Tool

Users have been able to use the benchmarking tool for some time now. This allows the user to see various analyses of the data of all buildings to which he has access. The user sees the number of buildings and their data quality. In addition, the user is shown the total investment in his building, the total electricity and heat consumption of the last year and the savings compared to the model. In addition, diagrams explain the development of electrical and thermal consumption. Diagrams show the current consumption of each department and the historical consumption. This is displayed to see the differences in consumption and to be able to quickly read whether consumption is increasing or decreasing. Would you also like to improve your municipality's energy management? Fill out the registration form here without obligation and become part of the EDI-Net initiative!

Webinar recording available!

At the beginning of May, an English-language webinar was held for all new interested parties. The main focus was an introduction to the different tools of the program. This was organized by Empirica, a private research and consulting institution specialized in innovation processes and project partner of EDI-Net. You would like to watch the webinar? Here you can find the recording (duration 46 min).

Listen, Learn & Share: The Smart City Information System SCIS is launching Europe’s first smart city podcast “Urban Reverb”

Supported by the European Commission, the EDI-Net networking partner SCIS is a knowledge platform focusing on the creation and upscaling of smart cities - providing a high quality of life for its citizens in a clean, energy efficient and climate friendly urban environment.
With “Urban Reverb”, the first European smart city podcast, SCIS informs on a monthly basis about experiences, know-how, indicators and stories collected from ongoing EC funded projects in the fields of energy, mobility & transport and ICT. The aim of SCIS is to make cities more liveable and sustainable.

If you want to learn more about how cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and Helsinki are applying Vehicle-to-Grid in their city, what obstacles they encountered and how they are continuously trying to improve upon it, check out episode 1 of “Urban Reverb”, with a focus on bidirectional charging, at the SCIS website.

If you are part of a smart city or a smart city project and have a story to tell, let SCIS know and - who knows - you might be featured in the next episode of “Urban Reverb” with your solution on how to save energy.


EU Sustainable Energy Week - EUSEW

This year's European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will take place in Brussels from 4 to 8 June. EDI-Net is represented at the "Energy Days". More information and the programme of events can be found here. Registration deadline is 25.05.2018.

CEBA-MED Award for Sustainable Urban Areas

We are pleased to invite you to the presentation event of the CEBA-MED Award for Sustainable Urban Areas that will take place in Barcelona on the 12th of June 2018. This event is organised in the framework of the CESBA-MED  project. Financed by the ERDF Interterritorial cooperation funds of the European Union through the Interreg Mediterranean Programme, CESBA-MED intends to develop an innovative decision making model and a transnational common set of assessment tools to support the definition and implementation of actions targeted to optimise sustainability planning measures combining the building and urban scale.
The aim of this award is to disseminate and capitalise the tools and methodologies developed by CESBA-MED partners for rating the sustainability of MED urban areas.The interest of this event focuses on tools for a better planning of sustainability in your municipality. Here you can find enclosed the agenda of the event. In case you are interested to attend, you can register by filling the registration form you will find here.

Further EDI-Net training sessions 2018

07th June 2018 Nuremberg, Germany:

On Thursday 07th of June 2018 the next training session will take place in Nuremberg. There will be an introduction and overview of the EDI-Net system and its software tools. In addition, experiences and practical examples from our pilot cities will be presented. Participation is free of charge. On request, costs for travel to and from Nuremberg and, if necessary, hotel accommodation in Nuremberg can be reimbursed up to €200 (national) or €500 (international travel). Please make a note of this when you register. Please register by Wednesday, 30 May 18 to Wolfgang Hofstetter, European Office of Climate Alliance, +49 69 717 139 -13 or to

Leicester, Great Britain:

In the second half of 2018, another training workshop will take place in Leicester, Great Britain. Further information will be published shortly on our homepage. For questions or registrations please write us an email or call us.

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