Successful days at International Climate Alliance Conference

Three successful days for EDI-Net at the 2017 International Climate Alliance Conference in Essen, Germany are behind us. EDI-Net had the opportunity to present itself on the conference to the participants from politics, public authorities, industries and science in three different formats - an in situ session, a marketplace stand and an information desk.

In the in-situ session, which focused on the topic of smart energy use, our project partner Alexander Nordhus from the city of Nuremberg introduced EDI-Net. In his presentation, Alexander Nordhus concentrated on how the EDI-Net project supports the city of Nuremberg in energy-savings. With illustrative examples, Alexander Nordhus showed the EDI-Net tools dashboard, forum and benchmarking, pointing out the added value of the EDI-Net system as well as the ease of use for users with different backgrounds. The participants were very interested in the EDI-Net project and provided numerous interesting ideas for the further development of the system.

In the lunch break of the third conference day, the marketplace was opened and offered to numerous participants the opportunity to discuss various projects as well as EDI-Net. In a personal interview by our EDI-Net project partner Climate Alliance, represented by Dr. Wolfgang Hofstetter and Christiane Thomas, EDI-Net and its advantages were presented by means of a roll-up, flyers and a short presentation to interested parties and reached many potential follower cities.

Throughout the conference, our project partners from Climate Alliance also offered an information desk to present EDI-Net in a personal interview, its possibilities and how to become a follower of the project.

Further information concerning In Situ Session "Smart energy use":